About BreatheSafe Masks

About BreatheSafe Masks

Nivedita Saboo under the Nivedita Saboo Cares Initiative has researched and designed specialised masks that are technologically advanced, sustainable and hygienic.

The design house is using its experience and expertise of craftsmanship and amalgamating it with science and technology to create reusable masks in contrast to the disposable, non-biodegradable masks that have flooded the market.

Nivedita Saboo Couture has re-tooled its production facilities to manufacture these protective masks, using soft breathable fabrics and comfortable ear loops. The unique 3D cutting technique developed inhouse is being used to create masks that fit the face perfectly. To maintain higher air filtration effectiveness, these shell fabrics have been internally heat-fused with special fusing.

With advice from scientific and healthcare professionals the masks are put through various processes of steam sterilisation and are sanitised with 88.33% Ethyl Alcohol before packaging.

Sustainability is a core brand philosophy of Nivedita Saboo Couture, these masks are being developed to prevent the health risks being posed to the community and sanitation workers with the dumping of disposable masks. The use of these masks will reduce contamination and landfill pollution.

The Nivedita Saboo Cares protective face masks are washable and each mask is packaged in its own storage bag to be reused. The masks are available in different designs and colour options, allowing for easy identification within family members. With a wider societal benefit in mind, these masks are priced equivalent to the cost per use of a disposable mask.

“At Nivedita Saboo Couture, we bring together art and science and use fashion as a platform to add value to human life. The novel coronavirus has altered the way we live and Nivedita Saboo Cares is committed to arrest the spread of the disease by creating protective gears which will be an important part of everyday life for the times to come” – Nivedita Saboo, Founder Nivedita Saboo Couture.

Heat fused

Sanitized with 83.33% Ethyl Alcohol

Steam Sterilised

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