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How do I wear a mask?

Step 1 – Hold ear strings by your hands, face the concave side
Step 2 – Pull the strings over your ears, cover your nose, mouth & chin with the mask properly
Step 3 – Adjust the mask to ensure a perfect fit
Step 4 – Do NOT touch the outer surface of the mask while in use

Precautions to be taken?

1.Wash your hands properly with soap before wearing the mask and also after removing the mask

2. Wash the mask after everyday use

3. The mask is for individual use ONLY, to prevent contamination do not share it with others

4. Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight

5. Change the mask if there is difficulty in breathing

If this is not a medical-grade mask, how does it help?

According to CDC and other global health leaders, asymptomatic population, that is those suffering from COVID-19 but showing no symptoms can be a major cause in spreading the disease. Wearing a cloth mask or any facial covering helps in reducing the transmission of the disease

Do you accept COD Payments?

We have temporarily disabled COD to reduce the handling of cash, as the virus can be transmitted through exchanging cash

Does this filter the Corona Virus?

No, all fabric/cloth-based masks do not have the medical-grade filtration needed for the purpose. But they still help in slowing the spread of the virus. At this moment, there is a global shortage of medical-grade masks. Doctors and healthcare workers are putting their lives in danger, and many are dying due to the shortage of this material and other PPE. We believe that by increasing the quantities of non-medical masks for the general population, we can ensure that there are enough medical-grade masks for the front-line workers

How can I wash it?

Hand wash these masks with soap or detergent, but dry them thoroughly and store in a cool, dry place. If possible, store them in a clean environment when not in use

Do you take returns?

Unfortunately, no. To encourage social distancing and minimize further transmission of the disease, we cannot accept a mask once it has been opened by a customer

Do you customize masks?

Yes, but this is subject to quantity. Please contact us on.. for more details.

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